Ubuntu House

We had an incredible opportunity to work on a very special pro-bono project for Ubuntu House, a home for abandoned babies in Goodwood, Cape Town. Ubuntu House currently fosters 12 children, under the watchful care and protection of house parents Naas & Miems Vermaak as well as a dedicated team of loving caretakers and volunteers. Ubuntu House offers a safe, nurturing haven for these children while they wait for new parents to come and take them home.

Six months of love went into crafting this piece, and we recruited an array of talent and skills from our extended AVA family to bring it to life. The brief was to generate a piece which would raise awareness about the incredible, essential work being done at Ubuntu house, as well as generate a strong call-to-action for donations. We’re very proud of the result, and we’re even more proud to be able to help this wonderful organisation in any way we can.

Make a donation:

Bank: ABSA

Code: 632005

ACC: 4058668032

Ref: Ignatius Vermaak & your name


Tyron Kuypers

Nico Botha

Mike Kelly

Shannon Dane

Nicholas Lorentz