Rage Festival 2018 (Official Aftermovie)

We’ve filmed Rage every year for the last six years, and it’s always been one of the biggest, most challenging projects on the calendar due to the sheer scope of the shoot, the tight turnaround time it requires, and the vast amount of footage captured during this massive, week-long, multi-venue event. Everything about Durban Rage is big, and as 2018 would be AVA’s last year filming this behemoth, we went all in and bigger than ever with a narrative-driven idea that sought to capture not only the event itself, but also that very specific sense of freedom, independence and excitement that it delivers, all shot from the user perspective. The film seeks to convey the holistic Rage journey, from the build-up to the party, and all the spaces in between – both off-site and on-site – where unforgettable memories are made. So we followed users from all kinds of different backgrounds as they moved through their week, incorporating a lot of user-generated content to bring a realness to the edit. For us, this was more than an after-movie. It was a very special goodbye to an incredible project which has pushed, inspired and rewarded us for years. Rage on, Rage!

Tyron Kuypers

Tyron Kuypers
Caitlin Grober
Benjamin Yang

Daniel Walsh
Jason Prins
Brandon Blight

Scott Farlam

Travis  Baxter

Alex Flyn
Thomas Dalias

Tyron Kuypers