NINJABREADBOY (Facebook Commission)

Back once again with our Facebook commission project and this time round we sat down with Richard Moir AKA Ninjabreadboy. This is what he had to say.

Q. For those who don’t know you. Give us a crash course of who Richard Moir is all about?

A. Im quite a private person. Generally like keeping to myself. I mostly work under an alias in order to create a separation between who Richard Moir is and my work. I think its good to not be influenced by someones personal life when viewing someones work so that you see the work for what it is rather than sub-consciously (or consciously in a lot of cases) being influenced by the associations of the person that created it.


Q. I know you spent time researching ‘Alchemy’ for the artwork. Please give insight into your thought process behind the piece and what it symbolise.

A. I didn’t get too deep into the meaning and practice of Alchemy but rather the visual aspect and aesthetic. I looked at old maps and drawing and incorporated symbols and colours used in various forms of Alchemy from around the world but applied it to a more literal idea of “Audio Visual Alchemy”


Q. You a multi diverse artist. Or should I say. Tattoo artist by day and illustrator / graffiti lover by night. How did you find your groove in these varied mediums?

A. I get bored easily. So when I was younger I experimented a lot with mediums. I kind of developed a style a few years back and applied that to various mediums and then pursued the ones that made sense.


Q. From pen to needle. Handpoked tattoos seem to be your main focus. From what I’ve noticed is that the same principle of dot-by-dot has been applied to the artwork you create for us in your illustration work. What is it about this style that you find so appealing?

A. I generally used to work in a more line-based style for my illustration work. I’ve never really been drawn to colour but rather the way lines and texture can create depth. When I started handpoking (roughly 8 years ago) I found the medium started influencing my illustration style and visa versa.

Q. NinjaBreadBoy. Have to ask. How did you come up with the alias. What’s it about?

A. I get asked asked this everyday by my clients. It was literally just a joke amongst friends. In my first year of studying my flat mate and I were joking about what our DJ names would be if we were DJs. I’d been wanting to use an alias for my illustration work for a while and was already using another name for my graffiti and wanted to keep the 2 separate so it just stuck.


Q. Working 9-5 doesn’t seem to be your style. In a perfect world. How would you like to live your life while making an income?

A. I have a love hate relationship with the city. For the work I do I need to be in the city. As a freelance illustrator and artist there are more options but as a tattooer you are dealing with people directly and need to be in the mix and cant seclude yourself really. I’ve never been someone who can really do the 9-5 thing as my attention span doesn’t allow for me to achieve the best results working this way, but unfortunately not everyone seems to understand that. I’m still trying to figure out the balance and how to adapt while still being able to produce the best work I possibly can.


Q. Ever done the same tattoo twice?

A. I have done variations of the same concept/reference/idea but never done a replica unless its 2 people wanting the same design together.

Q. Any local artists you feeling at the moment? 

A. Recently went to check out Michaela Younge’s solo show at Smith gallery, which was very impressive.


Q. Shotgun question: If you could choose a time period to live in, when would it be and why?

A. Since I was really young I’ve always known that I wanted to do something in the creative field, I’ve always drawn and loved the idea of drawing as a career. I therefore decided early on that I wanted to be an illustrator. In the time from doing art and design at school to studying illustration and design and then working in advertising it feels like illustration became 100% digital and the hands on drawing approach has been lost completely and has become a 9-5 desk job staring into a screen all day. I think this is also why the tattooing appealed to me so much. I’d just want to go back to a time 50years before the first smartphone I guess.


Q. Music talk. Top 5 artists you feeling at the moment?

Joyner Lucas
David Bowie


Q. Tell me about someone who is inspiring positive change but isn’t get the credit they deserve?

A. The work Frank Solomon is doing with Parley and Corona is something that deserves a lot of credit. The single use plastic problem is a global phenomenon which is only being addressed now and is something that should be on everyone’s minds.


Q. Before we sign off – If you could make one law in South Africa that everyone had to abide too. What would that law be?

A. It would be that everyone in South Africa is allowed to make 1 law that everyone didn’t have to abide to.